Block Paving & Patios

A newly-laid patio can create an outdoor space that is enjoyable to use for dining and seating and can make maintenance far easier. It will enhance your property and ultimately add value to your home.

Block Paving

Block paving provides the opportunity for a really unique driveway, with various colours, shapes and styles of paving available. A block paving surface can really enhance the approach to your house and provide kerb appeal and here at Wotton Tarpaving Ltd, we are experienced in laying high quality block paving in Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire and at properties in neighbouring towns including Cheltenham, Cirencester and Gloucester.

Laid by hand, each individual block is placed in the exact position to give an effect of your choice. There are standard patterns designed by experts in different block sizes and in varying colours, or you can try designing your own layout.

We can give practical help and any obstacle can be overcome as we have over 50 years of experience laying paving in Bristol and Bath at all types of properties.

Block paving is a very popular choice for driveways as individual blocks can be lifted and replaced in the event of staining from vehicles. We aim to help you choose a colour or pattern that will blend harmoniously with any existing buildings and surfaces in the vicinity to give a long-lasting finish, and we will incorporate existing features such as the curve of your drive, or existing trees etc, and make an aesthetically-pleasing feature out of them.

For superior block paving in Bristol, Bath, and Gloucestershire, contact Wotton Tarpaving Ltd today for a free site visit and quotation.

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Beautiful Patios

Patios in Bath, Bristol and across the South West may vary in appearance but with our many years of valuable experience, we can assist you in choosing the material and pattern that best suits your premises. We offer a vast variety of colours, shapes and sizes and the choice of patterns is endless. Natural stone is a beautiful option for any location, but we can also offer reconstituted stone or concrete for those with a more limited budget.

All pavers and patios in Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire and beyond, are laid by Wotton Tarpaving Ltd to strict laying procedures, always using the finest quality materials.

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Gravel & Concrete

Wotton Tarpaving Ltd is also experienced in laying gravel and concrete surfaces when required. These materials can be used to complement and enhance any area, either alone or alongside other surfaces.